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drylin® lead screw module application examples

Screw drives are machine elements that convert rotary motion into linear motion. drylin® lead screw modules are always based on self-lubricating plastic nuts, thus enabling long-lasting operation without external lubrication.

More applications

igus® plain bearings in bottling plants

Küppersbusch GmbH manufactures customer-specific beverage filling systems with igus® bearing technology.

High-performance polymers in labelling machines

Dry operating high-performance polymers from igus® enable a wide range of settings in Krones' labelling machines.

Levelling device

This device supports the levelling of dry fill material.

Hot wire cutter

This device cuts figures and elements out of polystyrene blocks.

Bottling machine

This machine fills paint into buckets.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer is only 10 centimetres high but can print objects with the highest quality.


This bracket is used for recordings with 3D cameras.

Wafers for the world

Sturdy lead screw linear system for extracting paper ice-cream cones.

Bottling plant in the medical and lab technology

Lubricant-free lead screw units for a bottling plant in the medical technology

Incline adjustment for beamers

Because it is lubricant-free and has the option of providing continuous adjustment, a decision was made to use a drylin® trapezoidal lead screw in this application.

Lead screw nut in an edge-gluing machine

Lubricant and clearance-free lead screw nut system ensures precision glue dispensing on an edge-gluing machine

Shutoff valve

Plastic plain bearings in process engineering: Completely maintenance and lubricant-free.

Book scanner

A book scanner to digitize cultural heritage uses lubricant-free drylin® trapezoidal lead screw nuts.

Solar technology

Lubricant and maintenance-free drylin® lead screw units for solar technology.

Rehab equipment

This rehab equipment uses drylin® lead screw nuts for format adjustments.

Switching device

Use of leadscrews with flange for a train control panel switching device ("linear switch").

Lab equipment for liquid handling

Freedom from lubrication and cleanroom compatibility can be ensured with the maintenance-free steep thread nuts.

Laser marking unit

Among other things, the weight of this laser marking unit could be halved by the use of drylin®.

Paper processing machines

By the use of clearance-free pretensioned nuts in format changing systems in the paper industry, a precise and maintenance-free adjustment of the formats is enabled.

Chess computer

By using drylin® TR steep thread nuts in two chess computers, large strokes can be covered in the shortest possible time.

Poste de mélange de deux composants

Ecrous pour vis trapézoïdales drylin® et polymères hautes performances iglidur® dans un poste de mélange à deux composants.

Catering kitchen technology

Chemical-resistant and corrosion-free: maintenance-free polymer plain bearings in catering kitchen appliances.

Hot wire cutting machine for Styrofoam parts

Less production complexity

Folding and gluing machines

When it comes to designing customer-specific folding box gluing machines, special machine constructor Bernhardt Maschinenbau relies on lubricant and maintenance-free linear plain bearings.


No matter how much the sun shines: these sunshades ensure pleasant light conditions within the building.

Secteur du cuir

Précis et durables : Paliers lisses polymères sur une nouvelle machine à refendre le cuir.


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