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Clean igus® polymer solutions for textile machines.

Service life up ... No more oil and grease

The textile industry places top priority on components being free from lubricants and resistant to dust. With the maintenance-free and tribologically optimised plastics from igus®, these and many other requirements are fully complied with. igus® products are absolutely free of lubricants and impress due to their long service life even at high cycle rates in textile machine.


resistant to dirt


Selected products for the textile sector

xiros® ball bearing

xiros BB-6000  
Lubricant-free polymer ball bearings

The following applies to all ball bearings:

Low weight and totally corrosion-resistant

Lubricant-free, maintenance-free and washable

iglidur® bearings

iglidur plain bearings  
Lubrication-free materials for the textile industry

The following applies to all iglidur® bearings:

Maintenance- and lubrication-free

Corrosion-free and dirt-resistant

High compressive strength

Low coefficient of friction

Best wear-resistance

High mechanical dampening

iglidur® PRT

Ready to install, lubricant-free, sturdy and cost-effective

The following applies to all slewing ring bearings:

Ready-to-install solution for high loads and extreme overturning torques

For application in alternating ambient media

For low to medium surface speeds

igubal® Plastic spherical bearing

Maintenance-free and lubricant-free spherical bearings

The following applies to all igubal® spherical bearings:

Especially low-priced, maintenance-free

No lubrication, insensitive to dust and dirt

Corrosion-free, applicable in liquid media

drylin® W linear plain bearing

drylin W  
igus® linear technology – gliding without lubricant instead of rolling

The following applies to all drylin® W linear guides:

Free of lubricant and corrosion

Quiet and light and cost-effective

e-chain® E2/000

moving energy made easy

The following applies to all E2/000 e-chains®:

For medium loads

21 - 45 mm inner height

ESD/Atex version also available

As e-chain® and closed e-tube

e-chains® for guiding large hoses

Many accessories

chainflex® M cables

chainflex M  
Low-priced and reliable

The following applies to all chainflex® M cables:



Very cost-effective

36 month guarantee (5 million double strokes)

xiros® B180

xirodur® B180 - Guide roller made of plastic  
Polymer ball bearing, with flange and endcaps on both sides

Manufactured with low-priced xirodur B180

Washable and non-magnetic

Low coefficient of friction

More products for use in textile machines
Find examples of applications in the textile industry

Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry?
Here you can browse through already implemented customer applications and filter them according to your specifications.

Industry sector:
Case of application / Presentation of problem:
Product area:

Further examples of applications from the textile industry

Flat knitting machines

The textile industry is driven by quality, precision and cleanliness. This favors the use of igus® products in flat knitting machines due to their fail safe properties and the complete absence of lubricants.

Flat knitting machines    

Travelling cleaners

High speed process on a textile machine without twisting the power cable.

Travelling cleaners    

Textile machines

Energy supply systems for knitting machines provide for quality and flexibility.

Textile machines    

Machine à tricoter circulaire

Les rotules lisses igubal® de la gamme dimensionnelle E évitent les arrêts dus à des amas de fibres textiles grâce à leur absence d´entretien et de graisse.

Machine à tricoter circulaire    

Industrie textile

Des embouts à rotule sphérique compensent les écarts de concentricité et les chocs dans le support du guidage du fil.

Industrie textile    

Boîte à filer

Le passage d´une combinaison plastique-métal à une combinaison plastique-plastique pour les paliers a permis une mise en oeuvre intégrale.

Boîte à filer    

Moving cleaner for textile machines

Preassembled energy supply system on moving cleaner for textile machines.

Moving cleaner for textile machines    

Textile machine

To prevent static charges on the bobbins, electrically conductive bushings are used in textile machinery construction.

Textile machine    

Textile printing machine

E4.1 application with 450 strokes per hour.

Textile printing machine    

Seam recognition sensor

This machine weaves and prints terry cloth hand towels.

Seam recognition sensor    

Weaving loom

This water-jet weaving loom works extremely productively.

Weaving loom    

Indexing table in a shoe manufacturing facility

The lubrication-free xiros® 2-hole flange bearing is used in an indexing table of a shoe machinery manufacturer.

Indexing table in a shoe manufacturing facility    

Leather cutting machine

The cutting head in this application can perform work with flexibility and speed.

Leather cutting machine    

Secteur du cuir

Précis et durables : Paliers lisses polymères sur une nouvelle machine à refendre le cuir.

Secteur du cuir    


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